Who does National Income Life Serve?

National Income Life Insurance Company is a provider of supplemental insurance in the state of New York. Our superior customer service, from initial contact through the life of a policy, sets NILICO apart from the competition.

Our commitment to working families has been respected and appreciated by many different groups, representing thousands of members of labor unions, credit unions, associations, fraternal organizations, sporting groups, licensed professionals, and non-profit organizations.

National Income Life & Credit Unions

From the beginning, our focus has always been on making quality insurance products available through credit unions with which the average family is affiliated. This makes it convenient and cost effective for working people to purchase benefits they might not otherwise be able to access. At National Income Life, we continuously strive to deliver one-on-one, superior service to credit unions and their members.

National Income Life's Commitment to the Mission of Your Credit Union

Credit union goals are varied and unique. We customize our marketing plans to help achieve those goals. We listen to the credit union and work together to develop personalized marketing plans and services. Our marketing plans are designed to support the Credit Union’s initiatives and strategies, all at no cost to the credit union.

Credit Union Services – Whether your goals are membership renewal, membership retention, increasing member participation in credit union services, credit union growth through new members or enhancing your credit union profile within your community, our programs can benefit you.

Surveys – Member feedback is important. NILICO representatives can help gather data the credit union can use to enhance your efforts to become a member’s Primary Financial Institution.

Increased Loan Value – We work with you to identify members who are in need of car loans, mortgages and credit cards which help you recapture revenue being lost to banks and financing companies.

More Information

NILICO is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations meet their needs. For more information on how National Income Life can partner with your credit union to provide valuable benefits to your members, please visit our Contact page.

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