At National Income Life, we help Make Tomorrow Better for those in need.

We believe in investing in the communities where we live, work, and visit by giving back through the Make Tomorrow Better giving initiative. Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we also participate in hands-on service activities whenever possible. Giving back is not just what we do, it’s who we are.

We gave back more than $471,000 through the Make Tomorrow Better initiative in 2020, and more than $2.78 million in the last five years (2016-2020).*

*Source: Internal company records.

Minority Entrepreneurship Institute

Dallas, TX – Fall 2020

MEI supports minority entrepreneurship by providing education, mentorship, and opportunities to inspire hope, provide capital, and actively support minority entrepreneurs. Today in America, African American entrepreneurs access less than 2% of venture capital. The MEI is the premiere capital fund connecting impact investors to high-performing minority-owned business opportunities.

Donations: $40,925


Scottsdale, AZ – Spring 2019

Arizona Brainfood’s sole program is providing weekend backpacks of child-friendly, user-friendly food for children in the greater Mesa/Scottsdale area who have been identified by school nurses, teachers, and other personnel as being at risk for hunger. The org discreetly provides the weekend backpacks in the hope that each child will return to school every Monday mentally aware and physically able to concentrate.

Donations: $10,825

Casa Hogar

Las Vegas, NV – Summer 2019

Casa Hogar is a home for about 40 boys and girls between the ages of 3-17. They are funded entirely by private donations and get no government support. They provide a safe, family-like environment that stresses education and prepares the children to lead productive lives. Our donations have helped build a playground, a girls dormitory, and a paved driveway for Casa Hogar.

Donations: $34,390

Veterans Transition Resource Center

Las Vegas, NV – Summer 2019

Veterans Transition Resource Center evolved from helping veterans returning from war to helping veterans from all generations who have fallen through the cracks, often not knowing who to reach out to or what to do next. VTRC provides access to resources, services, and additional programs to get the help our men, women, and their families so desperately need.

Donations: $22,860

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dallas, TX – Fall 2019

UTSW has consistently been ranked among the top Best Hospital in Dallas-Fort Worth and in Texas by U.S. News & World Report. Our donations benefitted UTSW’s Gene Therapy Program, which offers hope to families faced with genetic disorders in children, which can be traced to a single faulty gene. In 2003, researchers successfully mapped the entire human genome—the genetic blueprint for humankind—and they can now pinpoint the exact cause of many diseases.

Donations: $53,815

Square Peg Foundation

Half Moon Bay, CA — Fall 2016

Square Peg pairs rescued horses with autistic kids in their therapeutic riding program. The kids are as good for the horses as the horses are for the kids. Volunteers helped with light chores, learned about the program, and observed training and lessons.

Children in Crisis

Destin, FL — Spring 2016

Children in Crisis provides hope for abused, neglected and abandoned children in the community. The Children’s Neighborhood has an emergency shelter and family foster homes that augment the shortage of foster homes in the community. Volunteers helped with spring cleaning the group homes in the Children’s Neighborhood.

Guanacaste Community Fund

Guanacaste, Costa Rica — Spring 2015

This organization funds various programs in this underserved rural area. Volunteers visited a CECUDI (a Spanish acronym for day care center) and played with the children, mostly children of local workers. The country’s unstable government withdrew funding before the center was completed. Donations helped finish inside facilities such as restrooms.

Samaritan Inn

McKinney, TX — Fall 2014

The agency is a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people gain dignity and independence. All services and support are provided free of charge through funding made from donations. Volunteers assembled holiday meal baskets for Samaritan Inn’s community outreach program.

Homeless Prenatal Program

San Francisco, CA — Spring 2014

This program strives to break the cycle of childhood program by providing prenatal health and education for homeless and disadvantaged moms. Convention attendees brought baby outfits for HPP’s baby showers. Almost everyone who works for the organization is a former client.