Labor Unions - Partnering

Standing Together in Solidarity

NILICO is dedicated to serving and protecting union members and their families. As a 100% union company, we understand every aspect of the spirit of "Be Union, Buy Union."


AIL, NILICO’s parent company, distributes its monthly newsletter, The Labor Letter, to more than 25,000 labor leaders across North America. The Labor Letter provides up-to-the-minute insight on labor news and issues facing today’s labor movement.

Strike and Lay-off Support

During an authorized strike, union workers may fall behind in their car payment, mortgage, or utility bills, but not their NILICO insurance premiums. NILICO proudly waives insurance premiums during an authorized strike for up to one year. NILICO also has a unique lay-off benefit that waives premiums for up to 3 months when members are on a qualified lay-off. Neither waiver requires payback.

Partnering with Labor Unions

INTERNATIONALLY - through our Labor Advisory Board.

STATE & LOCALLY - The agency offices are involved on a grass roots level with virtually every local union whose members are our policyholders.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT - Each year AIL and NILICO contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes that promote and benefit the labor movement at the local, state, and national level.

POLITICAL ACTIVISM - From delivering labor’s political message to participating in rallies, door knocking, and picket lines, we are there when you need us.

VOTER INITIATIVE DRIVES - Through our field force, we assist with voter registration drives, phone banks, surveying on issues, and other activities to help elect fair-minded candidates.

SCHOLARSHIPS - AIL and NILICO, and their agents, contribute thousands of dollars to scholarships on a national and local level every year.

More Information

NILICO is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations meet their needs. For more information on how National Income Life can partner with your labor union to provide valuable benefits to your members, please click below:

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